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I'm learning more and more about blogs - both the mechanics of a good blog, and their power and effectiveness, when well-written. Bloggers tend to be gracious folk, too - heart felt with their compliments, both publicly and through private email. Hewitt's book on blogging (see the post in July, "Better Late Than Never") tells me to be very generous with who I link to my long as that person's blog does not contain what I believe to be theologically heretical or otherwise objectionable material....hey, link 'em!

Then, there is what is called "blog-spotting". If I spot a particularly worthy blog, I tell you about it, with enthusiasm! Good bloggers devote whole posts, regularly, to blog-spotting. And so I join the ranks of the magnanimous, generous, enthusiastic supporters of Other People's Blogs. Today, I blog-spot.

If you haven't the time to go on a link-lark, just read directly below, where I have cut and pasted from Ann Voskamp's blog, "Holy Experience". This blog gets my vote for "best blog" overall, not just for today's entry. Do take time to explore this gem. Ann's photographs are beautiful and evocative and done herself, as opposed to public domain, general photographs that anyone could cut and paste into a blog. Her pictures associated with today's blog will not come through on my blog, so you really will need to visit her personally to get the full effect.

But today's entry struck a chord with me. I'd almost believe that Ann had read my blog of a few days ago, and then was inspired to re-post this previously written entry, today. But no. I'm sure not. I'm not widely read, yet. I am one hundred percent certain that didn't happen....Ann is a recently published writer (two books, at least!), who receives scores of emails and blog responses, so much so she cannot respond to each one any longer.

Ask me how I know. I, myself, was being one of those generous, gracious bloggers who always leaves a positive response with a writer who has truly touched them. I received an automatically generated return email, explaining that, while Ann does read each of her emails, she no longer has time to respond to them personally. I easily understand. With the small volume of church related e-mails, plus the few blog comments I receive, I have a hard time responding to each one.

So I feel sure that, with her six children, her home educating, and her writing career, Ann Voskamp emphatically did not have time to read my entry "Tangible Proofs from a Tangible God." But see for yourself, what she has said'd almost think she did!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Evidence for God
I found the evidence yesterday, unexpectedly, on the trail to the woods. It was at the the curve, just before that large made-for-sitting-on stone, where one can see down into the valley of fields from the top of the hill.

A sea of corn tassels stood stilled, waiting for me to know. The woods behind the fields, dark and green, worshipped silently, anticipating the unveiling, in the morning coming down.
Yet I would have missed it not for the words on the open page of the Bible in hand:“…but he never left them without evidence of himself and his goodness. For instance, he sends you rain and good crops and gives you food and joyful hearts.” (Acts 14:17 NLT)

Looking up from His Word, I saw plainly. Right there, on the walk to the woods, stood the stark evidence of the reality of God. Right there, across the undulating fields: undeniable evidence of the Creator of the Universe, spread out before my very eyes.The earth beneath my feet was damp from the rains He had sent in the night.

The good crop of corn stood stock still , iron bars bearing tons of produce.
We had food on the table, in mason jars lining the pantry, in bags of summer sealed in the freezer.

And my heart, the last witness to give testimony to the evidence of God: yes, my heart was full.
The evidence was unmistakable, the proof of God and His goodness so a moment in time on the walk to the woods.I saw and I know.Lord, You left the evidence where I couldn’t miss it. And to think I almost did. But You unveiled it: rain, good crops, food, joyful hearts. Now to remember: You are real.
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