Client References

Here is what others are their own words:

"Sheila Atchley recently came to our church to be the main speaker at our Ladies Conference, and what she said continues to impact many. Sheila is a truly gifted and inspiring motivational speaker. She has the ability to draw you in and inspire you to reach higher goals. Her creative, artistic abilities are so unique and bless so many."
~Cathy Makinson (pastor's wife, Franklin Covenant Church in Franklin, NC)

My husband and I could not be any more pleased with the piece of work that Shelia created for our daughter. She took the time to listen and get to know her story. Although our daughter is young, we feel sure that this will be a piece of work that she will one day enjoy hang in in her own home. We would recommend any one to use Shelia to create an original piece of art for a loved one or their own home. ~Jennifer Dalton, physical therapist assistant 

Sheila Atchley’s Life Coaching is a practical, power-packed course. As a small business owner, I am impressed with her ability to provide insight, wisdom, and encouragement that yields positive results personally and in business. This course is invaluable and well worth the time and investment!  
Cheryl Damron, Co-Owner
Always Yours Occasions, LLC

"You offer such truth and encouragement to spirit, soul, and heart. You've been used to begin a creative and joy filled stirring deep within me." 
~Mandy B.

"Wow! I am so blessed with the beautiful art you created for Lydia. Your insight and words of wisdom were so beautiful and on target.  What a special way to honor her. I am so proud of the young woman Lydia is and delight to watch her as she continues to grow in the Lord. This unique piece of art, created just for her, conveys her specialness in so many ways. The angel wings were an extra special aspect to the piece. Thank you for being obedient to what the Lord has called you to do with your talents."
~Debbie  W.(Personal Design/Art client)

"What is a mentor? It is someone who leads and trains in a way that develops and builds someone up to help them achieve their identity. A mentor not only leads and trains by words, but also leads by example. Someone who recognizes that if they talk the talk they must walk the walk. Sheila Atchley embodies these qualities in a way that enables her to be not only an incredible mentor, but also a life coach and role model. The day I approached Sheila Atchely, was the day that an avenue of hope appeared in my life. The first day we met for breakfast, she told me: “I want to take your hand and run you toward greatness.” Just a few weeks of meeting with her and opening my heart to her encouragement, correction, prayer, and friendship, I found myself slowly becoming who God created me to be. I came to her without purpose, passion, or joy and God used her to speak life into my situation in a way that allotted freedom I did not know existed. I was able to open up and trust her in a way that I had not been able to with anyone else before. I felt comfortable and open with her, knowing that she was there to help me and not just know my dirt. I am now free from clinical depression (an “incurable” disease), I have found freedom after have been abused, and I am walking out my destiny. God used Sheila Atchley as a vessel to turn my situation into hope instead of death. I am a full time student in Ministry College and empowered to become all that God says I am."
~Abigail Kear (coaching client)

"I no longer feel like I'm sinking and treading water."
~J (coaching client)