I'm Pretty Sure...

...nothing else needs sayin'. Just sayin'.


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W.E.L.L. Being - A Video Weblog (Women Equipped to Love and Lead)

I've been a week, now, without a voice. I hate being sick. But I didn't make this video this week. I shot this W.E.L.L. Being Series video a couple of weeks ago...and then I sat on it.

 Why, you ask? Because I was afraid some friends of ours might feel I was directly referencing them - they have recently moved to the country. I wasn't thinking of them when I made this piece - I didn't even find out where exactly they actually live, now, until a day or two AFTER I finished it.

 I am going ahead and publishing this because...well, because first of all, it is the truth. Secondly, I have been "all about" this message since the turn of this millennium - I wrote about it in a series of essays that date back to the year 2001, and I can reference blog posts right here on this blog beginning in '08.

 So there you have it. Anyone who has moved to the country since 2001...I am not talking directly to you.

 But if anything I say in this video applies to your life, then heck yes, I am talking to you.

 Deal with it.  (Not really...I only say that for fun.)

 Without further ado, here is the video...and please excuse the too-loud music. I'm still deep in Beta Mode, when it comes to creating my weblog videos. Many thanks in advance for your patience!


PS.  I am laughing out loud (well...croaking out loud) - please also excuse "The Hand" that pops up, now and again, with the air quotes and other such gestures.  I don't know who that is.

Just kidding.  It's me.  But it looks like someone is hiding just below camera level, mocking me...

Now that I've ruined this for you.  You won't take it seriously a'tall.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

One side of our church sanctuary, this morning. Wish I had a shot of the whole thing...many other precious ones on the other side.

This picture is priceless to me for a hundred reasons...such a great Lord's Day. So glad to be part of this local church.

Green Drink Recipe

Here is the much anticipated (via Facebook, Twitter, and email) Yummy Green Drink...not a shake, a drink. And so good. Promise.

1/3 C of frozen mango (give or take)
1/3 C of frozen pineapple (give or take)
1 C of fresh spinach leaves
1-2 C coconut water (water, not milk)

Throw it in a blender and liquefy it. Add coconut water to make it a consistency that is to your liking, if necessary.

Spinach is a super food. So is coconut water...well, it is super water. More electrolytes than a sports drink. Need I say more?


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Working On New Fall Designs

I stumbled across some beautiful antique and vintage (two different things, by strict definition) earrings. I have been working on creating one-of-a-kind rings out of them...

...well, two-of-a-kind, by strict definition.

This one is my favorite...

Vintage multi-color....so cute on!

Love this one. Actually, though the white one is my favorite, this one is too close to count as second favorite. This one is my one-and-a-half favorite.

All will be in the shop soon, along with a few other new designs...

His Message In The Heavens

I spent some time this evening rejoicing in "this Divine Romance"....this "thing" that my Creator and I have for one another.

As I lay there, sprawled precariously across a short wicker love seat on my back porch, the rhythmic song of cicadas and the briskness of night air, so different from the usual languid warmth of southern summer evenings, filled me with joy.

And He spoke of His love for me.

And He spoke of my destiny - nothing big at all, in light of the fact that the Creator of the universe also created me and knows me by name and loves me. Is there a better destiny, a more-to-be-desired-than-this, lot in life? Not to my captivated heart. Frankly, whatever you desire other than Him....you can have it all. You can have my portion. Give me Jesus...lover of my soul.

And I sang to Him.

And blew Him a kiss or three. (That's my personal expression of profound worship.)

And I rejoiced in all He has done for me of late.

And He pointed out to me the fact that the outrageous love I'd experienced from The Preacher yesterday, was in fact, also Him loving me through my nearest physical vessel...

...yesterday, I had suddenly become sick, with aches and cough and misery and no voice. I could only sleep. And croak. And feel terribly unlovely. Yet...yet...

...yet The Preacher brought me flowers.  And throughout his busy day, he managed to bring me a dozen or so juices, hot ciders, teas, and home made soup...enough to float a battle ship...crazy-extravagant care by any marriage standard...constantly checking in on me, by text message, by phone (though I could only whisper) and in person as he worked...

...God was trying to get something through to my heart.

"I know that was Tim, but...that was You, too, Lord?"

Yes, it was Him. Then He said to me, "I'll prove it. Look at the sky...just get still, and watch...I will blow you a kiss in the form of a falling star."

So I looked straight up...watching...no longer than five or ten minutes...and just when I thought I might have heard wrong...

...blazing and bright and bold and brief, there it went. A falling star, streaking the ink blue sky.

Remarkably, I didn't weep. I didn't feel chill bumps or Holy Ghost fire. I broke out in a grin, laughed out loud, and said, "God, you're crazy!"

It just popped out. He knows I wasn't being irreverent. I was responding in sheer delight, because there was something of His smile in it first. He laughed first.

Oh, how He loves me.

"...it is more to worship God, and more very delight, that we faithfully pray to Him of His Goodness, and cleave to Him by His grace, with true understanding, and made steadfast by love, than if we took all the means our heart can think. For if we took all these means, it is too little, and not full worship to God; but in His goodness is all the whole, and then faileth right not."

~Julian of Norwich

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My Motto

Well, not literally. At least, not literally, seeing it is but the third hour of the day. But oh, how I love and long for the outpouring of the Spirit of God!

I do want to write drunk. Come what may of it.