Golden and God-Kissed

A gift of a golden, God-kissed day
That began by finding it hard to say, "I'm unavailable for now"
And we laughed until it hurt.

A gift on a golden, God-kissed day
Of purple geode, pottery, poodle candle, probably a Shetland pony
Had I wanted one. But I'm too busy.

A gift through a golden, God-kissed day
Zipping horizontally, soaring, hilarious, precarious
Dead-serious about living while we're alive.

A gift by the means of a golden, God-kissed day
Of Mexican in the afternoon, ribeye at night
And disposable cups toasting prosperity of relationship.

A gift up a golden, God-kissed day
Sitting in suspended animation, holding his hand, sliding vertically,

Peering intently at Mt. LeConte, visualizing the Next Adventure.

A gift. One golden, God-kissed day.
Darts, fizz, sorry for those who are so religious they intimidate the Anti-Christ
Reveling in being together, nothing more.

If this was just one golden, God-kissed day
Just one pearl on a strand of many, what will a lifetime of days be?
The Lord says, "Very good."

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