Coming This October {31 Days of Celebrating Middle Age}

I am all about the season of life most people call "middle age".  And just like those "middle school years", the years of middle age can be vexing and trying and our self esteem takes a hit like it's 7th grade all over again.  I was still wetting the bed in 7th grade - but don't tell.  Since I am more than a conqueror, I have overcome that little issue.  But other issues - just as discouraging - have cropped up in my middle. 

Yet these middling years determine our later years.  The quality of the end depends on the quality of the middle.  I am passionate to see us strong in body, soul, spirit, relationships, and our calling in life. 

Come October, I celebrate for no good reason - simply because we are, and we have come this far...

I celebrate  and honor middle age in my life and in my art...

And (deep breath) this October I will be taking the {31 Days} challenge - and I will be pouring my heart out to you, in a daily effort to impart joy and encouragement to your middle.

Because we are all "in the middle" of something. 

Join me?

Wild and Wonderful Life

I am surprised myself at the longest blogging hiatus I have taken since I began blogging back in 2008. I have not blogged in about three weeks!

It has been a much-needed chance to regroup before moving forward with bigger and better much is going on here at The Cottage, and all of it is good.

This dear friend had his 50th birthday bash...

"Make new friends, but keep the old. one is silver and the other gold." Our 50 year old friend is indeed golden...but these are "silver" friends. Fun, new friends.

Our nephew went off to college...our church gathered to pray over him...that's his two year old brother being held by his father, to the right and just behind him. I am crazy about this whole family.

I am preparing for the October Fall Launch of my new jewelry line... well as the fall launch of my pop-up shop, "Intentionally {American} Vintage". Lots of treasures soon to be up for grabs.

...another new jewelry design. This simple leather pendant gets more compliments than you can believe! We are already well past the "3-compliments-from-3-different-strangers" this one has to go into the shop, come October.

New art that went to my brick-and-mortar outlet called The Paris Apartment

Another of my designs...

A brass with filigree cuff, with my very own soldered art piece on it - the one entitled "She Was Becoming". I completed the design to good reviews, and with one little tweak, it will be ready to be in my shop.

I wanted to be getting ready to go on a date with my Preacher...experimenting with those little pieces of add-on hair. This was too much, but very soon I will find a happy, fun, natural looking fill...I promise to blog all about it, when I do. Good hair is a southern tradition, and no one cares if you guild the lily here.

...but first, I have to tend to my growing business! I have to go take care of this:

Working together with my daughter Sarah, getting all my jewelry designs and original art pieces beautifully installed in this amazing restaurant/coffee shop/boutique/ art gallery/and gift store made for a fun September day. A fabulous place to bring your friends and spend the afternoon.

There is one of my art girls - peeking from her place amongst the other equally beautifully placed things.

Next came the 20th year celebration of our special church community, where Christ is preached supreme. It was a huge bash, this past Sunday, organized by our dearest friends. We left in tears...blessed with two thoughtful and upscale vacations, one for The Preacher and I by ourselves - the other to fulfill our dream of taking kids and grand kids to the beach!

I was excited to welcome Lovely September...she always used to promise me a mellow month...quiet, with few obligations...but not this time. September has been a diva, this year. Very demanding.

But I still love her best of all.

We've a stunning wedding to officiate this weekend. The bride and groom will be wearing plenty of tattoos, they have a God-glorifying testimony, and will be sporting their team colors.

The Bride is a Tennessee Vol fan (love her!) and the Groom is a Forida Gator fan. He and his "boi's" plan to show in Florida Gator colors.

I have no idea what I will wear (dress is casual) but I can promise that the ensemble will involve orange.

Ya'll, this wedding could cause a church split! I mean, we hope not...but you just have to calm any nervous energy with this:

Yes and Amen.

What do you think? Would you be okay with a football-team-themed-wedding?!!
It's actually going to be beautiful.

Here is my mantra, this insanely busy September...well, mine and the preacher's mantra:

All this, and I am also writing for the blogging community's "31 Day Challenge".

Come October, I will be writing on the subject of "Celebrating Middle Age". A brand new post, each and every single day for 31 days.

Stay tuned...thank you to all who have asked about me during my brief absence.

Grace and Peace,
Sheila Atchley

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