Our Next Grandbaby Is A....

...we don't know yet.

We find out Monday.

Please don't kill me.  I had to pull the ol' bait and switch on you.  Had to.  Sorry.  I promise to spill the beans, come Monday.  I'm in such suspense I can't stand it.  Another boy would be so fun.  But...I need some pink in my life. Sugar, spice, and everything nice.  I'm drawn to girl stuff like a bee to a flower.

I've missed you!

Just got home a mere few hours ago.  I've been in the Franklin/Brentwood Tennessee area with The Preacher and our son.  Youngest Boy had his regional basketball tournament, and in one particular game, he shot a buzzer-beater for three to send it into double overtime.

I laid down on the bleachers, kicking and screaming like in the movie Kicking and Screaming.  You think I am joking, but I am not.  The drama was too much.  We went on to lose the only game we lost (don't think...just go with it.  I am exhausted.  Let me babble.  Just.  Let.  Me.) and we only lost it by one lousy point.  We won all the other games.

The Preacher and I made it some Time to Remember by attending Youngest Son's Games (of course) and by dinner, just us two.  (Hot dogs in a gym were good enough for us when we were 18, they were good enough for our son.  But not us. We gave him $5 and left his butt with his buddies.  We ate steak.)  We explored downtown Franklin, met a new friend in the music industry (a lead guy in the country band Bad Horse!) caught a movie and took lots of power naps in our motel room, between speeding back and forth to the (very, very nice) A-Plex sports center in Brentwood.

In a few weeks, are National Tournaments.  One whole week, in Springfield Missouri.

May God have mercy on my soul.

Until then, I am back, and I've missed you, and please leave a comment!  ::sniff::  I think this is the first time I've had to go a week without posting, and I need to know you are all still near and dear.

Have a blessed and highly favored Sunday.  You and me?  We live in the F.O.G., baby.  The Favor of God.

It is thick all around and over me, these days.  Amazing things are happening in my life, in the lives of my children.  Things I'll tell you all about when the particulars get nailed down.
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