"Trust" {...a face painting demo...}

In my previous video tutorial, I demonstrated that anyone can play with visual art.  You don't have to understand perspective or proportions or painting, and you can begin to create art for under $20, with a piece of paper, 4-5 colors of pastels, a piece of charcoal, and a water soluble graphite pencil. With just those tools, you can take off, and create layers and interest and whatever your heart desires.

Today, I want to share my (loosely stated) "process" for painting a face.  I say "loosely stated", because my process and my methods are loose and always growing and evolving.  I could almost say "this is how I painted a face yesterday" -  today will be different.

But I am a working artist (meaning:  my paintings have sold and do consistently sell, both originals and prints) and thus, I do have somewhat of a sort of, kind of process, and I'd love to freely share.

As usual, I can't create video content without sharing the things that have been on my heart lately.  So if you don't want to hear that part, just turn down the sound.  I won't be a bit mad if you do that.

But if you want to be encouraged to trust the Lord with all your heart, alongside a bit of art instruction...you might want to pour yourself a cup of coffee and sit down with me.

I've divided the original half-hour video into three parts, about 9 minutes each.  I sure hope you enjoy!