Beta Launch Giveaway!

Michael Hyatt's post on permanent beta, just this past Monday, has had a profound effect on me this week.  As a result, I am going to do a Beta Launch Giveaway.

When a company launches its Beta Project, they know it is imperfect.  The whole idea is to launch the product "as is" and get the customer's feedback.  Now...particularly in technology, quite often the customer still pays for the product, even in its beta state!  The price is reduced, but customers willingly pay to be part of the project, and to get to use the product.

I've been working on my own line of bags, cuffs, and altered couture - not just art!  I have a basic design for a bag in mind - I want it to be smaller, reversible, and to always have an inspiring word embroidered  somewhere on the bag - sometimes very inconspicuously, sometimes boldly.

My vision is to help women live well-defined lives...artfully and context of the Gospel.  

Typically, under the old "wait until it's perfect" mindset, I would tweak until I thought it was perfect - which isn't a bad idea in this context;  however, I have a perfectly-imperfect, very use-able bag and a beautiful leather cuff, both of which would be wasted just because I am still tweaking the design!

I hate waste.

So, after mulling over Hyatt's thoughts on beta all week long, I thought, "Why not do a Beta Giveaway?"

I will give you my very, very, very first bag, and my very, very second cuff (first one went to daughter Hannah) - and you use and wear and give me feedback as to how I can improve the design.  Tell me how it wears for you and what you might like for me to do better.

Go ahead.  I can take it.

Here is the cuff:

...this is a narrow leather cuff, in a medium size, trimmed in a rich mustard gold embroidery - stamped with the word "LOVED"   Who doesn't need to be reminded of that?  If you have a tiny wrist (as I do), it fits like a bangle.  If you have an average or large wrist, it will fit close - more like a cuff should.  But I like how it looks on me!  I wore this out to breakfast with the Preacher just this morning, and got a compliment on it!

Here is the bag:

Upholstery grade vintage-style fabric outside...

...ticking on the inside, a cell phone pocket (fits all Smart Phones), and a hand-embroidered label, just to whisper to you about the key to - not just a beautiful eternity - but also the key to a beautiful day...

It is you see it with the embroidered pocket on the outside...

...and the vintage-style fabric on the inside.

Now I know three things about this bag:  1.  It is a bit too floppy to suit me.  I will have to tweak that - using something to make the sides stiffer.  2.  I think it needs another interior pocket (or exterior, depending on which side you prefer facing out) and 3.  There are tiny flaws, here and there.  But overall, this is a super cute bag, and is use-able.  I still love the shape and the size and the drop of the bag (distance from your shoulder to the start of the bag, when the bag's straps are on your shoulder.  Perfect drop!).  I know I am on the right track.

Hey - even if you only enjoy it for two days, you enjoyed it for free.  If you decide it isn't right for you, you could pass it along to a daughter or granddaughter.  Just please give me some feedback!

If you would like to participate in my Beta Launch, here's what I need you to do:

1.  Please follow me here on my blog - click "join this site" on the button you'll see in the right hand sidebar.  

2.  Leave a comment, telling me that, once you receive your gifts, you'll let me know how these items wear for you.  I truly want the feedback! 

3.  If you either:  A.  "like" Sheila Atchley Designs on Facebook, or B.  share the link to this post on Facebook (click on the Facebook link in my sidebar) or C. tweet about my website ( I will enter you twice.  Just please come back and leave a second comment, letting me know that you did either A. or B. or C. and your second comment will be your second entry!

That's it!  I will draw a name in one week - Friday, one week from today.  If only one person enters, you win!  That won't hurt my feelings.  I just love to give.

Even if you are local (which lots of you who read my blog are!) I still want to mail your prizes to you, USPS, because I need for you to get the full experience - design, packaging, everything - and give me honest feedback on how special your package made you feel.  This is an important aspect of developing my business.  (Did I really just call it that??)

Whew.  I am so Beta right now.  Nothing is perfect.

If I succeed, you succeed with me.  If I fail, just don't let me fail alone.

I could never design anything I would not wear myself in an East Tennessee Second.  Imperfect as they may be, I.  Love.  These.

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