More Beta - Stocking the Shop

Purchased a teaching DVD, invested in some equipment.  I am teaching myself a new skill set this summer:

This is my very, very, very  first cuff.  Full of flaws. Very Beta (see previous blog post).

But somehow, probably because it is flawed, it is beautiful to me.  And beautiful enough that my daughter Hannah coveted it mightily, so I gave it to her.

Both my hands are bruised.  I thonked the junk out of first one, and then the other, using the mallet to pierce the leather.  I am telling you, I raised my mallet high...I wound up big time, and brought it down hard.

Mother of a Black Bear.  That hurt.

Hannah laughed so hard, she spit her Dr. Pepper.

I'll be working on making more for my shop.

Heaven help and heal and protect my hands.  Prayers appreciated, friends...
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