A "Gahw-geous" Day in East Tennessee

...today is...there are no words. Mid-seventies, sunshine, breezes, beyond gorgeous. So I am making this:

Here is my recipe, (very loosely stated) from my blog post in 2010 entitled "Summer Flavors and Fragrances"...

 Hope you can find time to make it. It is a little time consuming, but so very worth it.

 Looking back over the "Summer Flavors and Fragrances" post, I miss my clothesline. ::sniff::

 Ever since the Great Storm of April 2011 (when we were without power for a couple of days, and our house ended up packed with something like six guests, besides immediate family, which is a lot all by itself - after the storm blew through and took out power, so it's not like anyone came over seeking light and air conditioning - and people were playing board games by candlelight and a Korean man was playing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on our piano, surrounded by tealight candles, and I was reading my Kindle with a Brookstone headlamp on my head)

...yeah... I haven't had a clothesline since then...

 What was I posting about? I forgot.
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