A Peek At My Easel

Fresh off the easel on a rainy, perfect Saturday...

...preparing for a juried local art show in which I will be exhibiting, this fall.  I am so excited to be doing a juried show - not just anyone with a tent and a hundred bucks can set up.  They do turn artists away.

But I'm in.

Grace, like rain.

Your "Instead" {dealing with the opposition with the opposite attitude, living life in a different spirit...}

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My Vision Board {Inspiration and Manifestation}

For years I have kept up a "vision board"...and all it is, is a wall on which I have placed various images that speak to the kind of life I know God has designed for me to live - a life that encompasses gardens and grandbabies and ministry and mission.

I thought I'd share a part of it here with you.  I can't fit the whole wall into one camera frame, but this gives you an idea...

And, if you are wondering about the words, "Disagree with your enemy"...you'll have to listen to my latest podcast!

I would love to hear all about your vision board - I hope you have one.  When it comes to manifesting your calling and your joy, a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

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When Monday Is Your Sabbath...

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...So I Preached This Past Sunday...

...so I preached this past Sunday.


Here is the link

Click "Media Menu"

Then click "Play Audio".

{I'd rather you did.  ::smile::  I am not fond of the 10 lbs. that video adds to my frame...}

Then, fast forward to about the 45 minute mark, to skip the announcements, the rowdy worship, the offering, and all the other awesome parts of our church life that you may not be as interested in hearing or sitting through.

Please share this message with anyone who needs Christ, anyone who has been struggling with legalism, or anyone who needs a spiritual awakening or refreshing.  

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More Art Available...{...and my newest podcast...}

I want to invite you to enjoy some of my designs as tote bags, pillows, iPhone cases, etc. Here is my Society 6 link:

Click here

(one of my designs, as an iPhone case)

 (one of my designs as a throw pillow)

(one of my designs as a tote bag)

Also, here is my latest podcast:


I would consider it amazing grace if you'd share my podcasts with anyone who you feel might benefit from them. What I discuss, in these podcasts, is the Gospel applied to daily living, and I am eager to get the word of His grace out!

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Our Cottage Garden

In my world...

...you might find flowers...

...in quirky, unexpected places.

Just like joy is also found.

In my Celidgh Cottage Garden, you will find squash mingling with the
leeks. You will find silver queen in bed with mammoth sunflower
{oh the scandal}
Or something pink and fluffy growing amongst the lettuces.

There is no rhyme or reason to it.
I did not want there to be.
Just give me growth, and
Give me beauty.

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Grace and Peace,

Sheila Atchley

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