Hospitality {an e-book GIVEAWAY}

Edie Wadsworth, of  Life in Grace has graciously donated TWO downloads of her e-book to TWO Sheila Atchley Designs/Season of Harvest readers!

::cheers, confetti::

For those of you who don't know Edie (which is hard for me to believe...) she has an amazing, amazing story.  One that is still being written.  First of all, her thoughts and theology on grace are right in line with everything The Preacher and I have written/blogged/spoken about for years...the same message of radical grace that I have fought, and even little pieces of me have died for.  I will never leave the subject of grace alone.

Rest assured.  Ever.  Right along with Edie, I am "living a dream I have not earned and do not deserve."  (That was Edie's original blog tag line)

She left a career as a physician to go home, and home educate her children.  That alone makes her as interesting as all get-out, in my book.  She blogs about this part of her life, too.

She lost ~everything~ in a terrible house fire about two years ago...she, her children, and her physician husband Stevie have since rebuilt their home and their life - a life centered around hospitality.

And, this past summer, Better Homes and Gardens featured her home in their magazine!  I swear, I was as thrilled for her as if it was me gracing the pages!  Her home is Edie.  Quirky.  Different.  Beautiful.

Edie recently blogged about hospitality for 31 days straight, this past October.  (I have yet to scrounge up the courage to take that "October 31 Days Of _______" blogging challenge...kudos, Edie!)  It.  Was.  Wonderful.  Truly, I read every word, every day.  And her tomato soup is to die for.  It has blue cheese, honey, and hot sauce in it, and it changed my life.

In a manner of speaking.

I want to keep this giveaway simple.  If you would love a FREE copy of Edie's E-book (which is such fun to say, twenty times, as fast as you can..."Edie's E-book. Edie's E-book, Ed....never mind)  please simply:

1.  Leave a comment

That's it.  

If you tweet or Facebook about this giveaway, come back and leave an extra comment and let me know.  I will count you twice.  Or thrice.

If you become a follower of my blog, that's another chance to win.

So you have anywhere between one and four or so chances to grab yourself a free copy of this sweet book.

TWO winners to be announced on Thursday!

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