Grandbabies In Snow

My daughter Sarah with my Aidyn-Esther-Babygirl (warning: heart stopping cuteness ahead. I have been warned):

Who is cuter? Momma or baby? I know. I can't decide, either.

Aidyn said, "Everyone please note the Laura Ashley Snowboots my Mimi got me..."

"Hi dad!"

I know, right? You want me to stop it, already. Stop my dang bragging and get on with my bad self. Well...

Ain't gonna happen.

Deal with it. Deal. With. The cuteness.

...and note the view, through all the snow, from the deck of their new house.

" bottom is starting to feel cold..."

"Mommy, I can't feel my face anymore. How about we go inside and you put hot chocolate in my bottle???"

Last, but far from least, I have one picture of my grandson (well, sort of a picture of my grandson) that says it all:

Homeboy don't need no girly snowboots. Real men wear striped socks and quart size ziplock baggies.

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