Photoshop Class - Homework

...results of this week's Photoshop Class...a little rough around the edges (literally) but this is the first draft, and it took me only about a half an hour to do it.  Now, to master the technique could take more time...I need to work on constraining my proportions, I need to play with the white balance in one of the above photos, and I want to add a layer of dreamy "wash" over the whole thing.  I'll share results, as I work on this some more over the weekend. ("Please, Lord, let me find the time!") .

And now for the very best part. Are you ready? This particular class I am taking is a "paid" class - very reasonable charge, I must add.  But the instructor is offering a free basic Photoshop class in March! The class is being offered for either CS or Elements users - whichever program you have or wish to purchase (if you don't already have Photoshop). If you do not own a version of Photoshop, the software itself you do have to purchase - mine was a generous gift from The Preacher awhile back - but once you have it, the basic class on how to utilize Photoshop that I am telling you about right now is FREE!

Trust me when I tell you...I've played with Photoshop all by myself, trying to wrap my head around such a powerful program.  I've bought a book, "Photoshop For Dummies."

Not even kidding.

But nothing...nothing...has helped me make sense of this program like the lady I am about to introduce you to.  You will be emailing me, after your ten sessions of class (FREE), thanking me so much for making this introduction for you.  I am happy to be of help.  ::smile::  I am truly committed to sharing the best of the best with you, when I find it.  And oh.  I.  have.  found.  it. 

So, please click on the link below, and go "meet" the incredibly talented and very sweet Kim Klassen!  (We've never met, but we've emailed.  And she answers her email in an admirably timely fashion.)  


PS.  I am one of those mystics who believes that names have meaning and can be very prophetic.  Note Kim's last name:  Klassen.  As in "Class" with a "K".  You truly will find her to be a gifted online teacher, who painstakingly puts together quality classes.
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