Old Covenant "Shadows"

The Old Testament (Covenant) is a book of illustration.  The New Testament (Covenant) is a book of explanation.

Please, let the New explain the Old.  Please, please, please.  I will shamelessly beg you, if that will convince you.  Please let the Cross be superimposed over your understanding of Old Covenant. 

Please let "Moses and Elijah" disappear from sight, and see the Lord Alone...Jesus, in all His glory.

Never, ever read the Old Covenant through any other lens or perspective but the Finished Work of Christ, unless you just love having a veil over your head.  In the Old Covenant  (which those who were His loved it, indeed.  It was all they had.  Profound, huh?) they looked forward TO the coming Christ.

From our vantage point, we look back THROUGH the Finished Work of Christ.  Any other perspective - whether that be law for the sake of law, or keeping the law in an effort to be blessed and mistaking that for Biblical faith - any other perspective will at the very least make you a poor Bible scholar, and will at worst make you a Pharisee.

Please, fear God in your approach to His Word.  Fear Him enough to turn loose of your Old Covenant perspective, no matter how secure or holy or mystical or special or important or spiritual it has made you "feel".  He has spoken in these last days through The Son.  In no one else is the Father "well pleased".  Put yourself  IN Him, by grace through faith, not through your own efforts to be well pleasing.  This is revelation, and I pray that you can finally hear it.

But you sort of have to humble yourself and want to hear it.  Or at least I had to.  Maybe you are the exception to every precedent.  That still is no nevermind to me, so long as you hear and you see and you put your whole trust in He who once walked the streets, two thousand years ago, breaking rules left and right, but fulfilling the law down to the last jot and tittle.  Oh, the cleverness and surpassing wisdom of God!

Strive to be a good student.  Rightly divide the Word of truth.  Rightly.  Divide.  It.  One is illustration, the other, explanation.
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