Pray for Our Injured Soldiers

Some of you, especially Harvest members, might remember our "extra Marine" we ended up with, for the Easter holiday last April.   He's the young man on the right in the above picture.  He was such a delightful guest, and we shared the Gospel with him, with all our heart.  He was part of our family for one long weekend of leave.  We took that seriously, and enfolded him into our hearts and lives for the short time he was here.

He is alive, but he was injured a little over a week ago, by an explosive - he was in deployment, I won't say where.  When I saw his picture on Facebook, sitting in his hospital bed, he was smiling that same big smile, and doing his "thumbs up".  Just like what you see up there.  That made me teary-eyed.

I'm thinking of him tonight, and I'm thinking of another Army soldier injured a few days ago.  I got the email and request for prayer for this young soldier with a wife and babies - a "GI Joe" whose name and location I've been asked not to reveal.

Please pray for these two soldiers.  God knows exactly who they are.  Please pray for all our injured soldiers.   
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