Good Times With the Youngest

It has been busy here at the cottage lately.  Youngest Son and I left the house before 8 this morning, and I didn't get back home until 5 PM.  We went on college tours. 

I did not wear this hat.  I.  Did.  Not.

Youngest Son insisted that 1.  I try this hat on, and 2. model it outrageously, and 3. that he snap this picture with my phone.  We were killing time at a Tar-ghay local to the area ("Target", pronounced in my best French accent...).  He insisted that the hat looked amazing on me.  I sent this picture to The Preacher and asked him what he thought.  His response?

"I like your cowboy hat picture better." 

Whatev, preacher man.  Actually, I'm glad, because in real life, I could never pull off wearing a hat like this.

Friday, we are invited to tour a small college and attend their basketball game.   Fun times.   Bear with me, if posting gets a little sporadic.  I have a scholarship recommendation to write for a young friend - she's going for a big scholarship, the Alexander Graham Bell.  I am so proud of her, and happy to be writing the lengthy recommendation, but the deciding board is highly discriminating and my essay has to be written "just so".

I may have also taken on another editing job, we'll see.  Silly me.  I need something else to a two hundred fifty-plus page book, for a friend of my friend Neil Silverberg.

And we have Regional Tournament in Nashville next week (basketball) followed by  National Tournament coming up  in March, followed by a pastor's conference in Atlanta, followed by Youngest Son's high school graduation ceremony in May.

But there's much I am itching to share with you...glorious thoughts on the Gospel and how grace is the only impetus towards true transformation.  I wouldn't tell you that if I hadn't experienced it for myself.  I've been made free from some real stuff - fear of man not the least of the list.
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