Prayer App, and Prayer Journal for Selah Thoughts

 This is the app I use.  It makes a pleasant sound, three times a day, and it reminds me to pray for those I have personally placed on the list for that day.  This app is for Android users, and I love it.  I recommend it.  It is called "Prayer Pop" - and if you enjoy praying set time prayers, you'll love this app, if you have a smart phone.

And now...since you asked is a humble picture of a page of my art journal...the one I use when I read Scripture and certain books, and beautiful ideas seek to come out and play on the pages, and want to be made more beautiful. It is a very relaxing practice - the way I personally approach the whole "lectio divina" thing - sacred reading.  (Post-edit - I don't call it "lectio divina".  Some in the liturgical church do.  I just call it...readin' my Bible.  I don't even call it "devotions".  The act comes too naturally, and is too integrated into who I am.)  Combining reading with "art" (if you can call it that) slows me down, and makes me glad to focus and meditate...and make a bit of "art" as I read along and "Selah" (which means to "pause and deeply consider").
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