A Blog Recommendation

I've said it before.  I'll say it again.  There are blogs I've followed in the past, and I've "unfollowed" them, for various reasons - mainly, when a blog strains at being profound, or becomes doctrinally shrill.  That bores me.

And when I quit following - I quit, baby.  As in....I've never, ever, not once been back.  Too many good, positive, inspiring, funny, thought provoking and informative blogs out there to keep reading someone whose perspective on life is uninteresting or ...strange.

I don't recommend many blogs.  Seriously, I think I've recommended less than ten in the years I've been a blogger.   I don't think that is a reason to brag - I think that needs to change.  I need to make more time to share with you some of the beautiful blogs I have stumbled across in my stolen moments of "lolly blogging"....which is an activity akin to lollygagging...which, now that I think about it, has a nauseous connotation to it.  Makes me think of choking on a Dum-dum.  Where do those old sayings come from?

Without further ado, please do visit my friend Wendy.  She's begun a brand new blog:

My friend Wendy had her fourth baby at age forty, and made it look good, honey.  That alone deserves a medal.  I am a mere forty-five, and chasing my grandson around on a part-time basis wears me out some days.  She has also been on a gluten-free eating adventure for several years now.  And she's the real deal.  She loves baking and cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, and if you are one of the manymanymany with gluten issues, her blog will bless you....so get in early on this one.  You'll make yourself proud, someday, to say, "I knew her when she just started that dang blog...and now look.  She's got her own cooking show."

That Wendy.  She might go all "Pioneer Woman" on us, and become rich and famous.  But it won't be because she moo'ved to the country to kill her own cows and live the not-so-simple life, and tried to make it seem so hippy-happy.  (No offense, Pioneer Woman.  I'm sure you'd be the first to say that lifestyle isn't for everyone...)  Wendy's blog will be beloved because of her mad skillz at the kitchen counter, her sweet spirit, and her love for God's Crowning Creation (drumroll please):

PEOPLE.  As in, human beings.  Sorry, if you thought I was going to say "Nubian goats" or "chickens", and you got all excited.  No, not poultry.  Not pastures.  Not mountains.  Not "nature". People.  People are God's favorite, and they are where Wendy likes to invest.

You'd do well to go getchoo summadat.  I'd do well to get myself summoradat. When it comes to loving God's Crowning Creation, I think Wendy outdoes me, and I love to have it so.  Click on the link, right up there under the picture of her blog header, and it'll take you to a new blog to love.

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