Impaired or Repaired Judgment?

Beloved, unless you are deaf, dumb, and blind, you are living - right now, this very moment - under the influence of something.

Do your fears influence you?

Is it a person?

A past failure? A past success?

Does the news influence your emotions? Rush Limbaugh? Hannity?

Do your own opinions and thoughts influence you?

Does God's word influence you?

You are being influenced (changed, altered, guided and affected) today. Who or what is the power behind what is already happening to you? Identify it, because every influence you allow is either further impairing your judgment, or it is repairing your judgement. I say this, because we are fallen human beings, born with impaired judgment. We are ever in need of repair in this area, and we are ever either seeing more and more damage done, or we are taking steps to repair our thought processes. There is no neutral ground, where our minds are neither impaired nor repaired.

If you have been "driving" with impaired judgment, stop. Just stop. Turn around, and begin to repair your sense of direction and discernment with the Word of God.

Something is influencing you today, dear one. What influences you, will change, alter, guide and affect you. In short, your influences control your life and your day and your destiny. Identifying who or what is controlling your mind is more than half the battle.
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