It's Chili Time in Tennessee!

...I actually received email about our Atchley Family Tradition this past week. A couple of friends had checked the weather report, and wanted to make sure I knew that the temps were forecasted to dip down into the 40's tonight.

Here at Mayhem Cottage (not really, but it felt like it this week) we stop eating chili when the weather warms, come springtime. And we do not allow so much as a bite of the stuff to pass our lips before the following autumn - we wait for the first night the temperatures get down into the 40's. It's become a tenant of our faith.

You should believe as well. You should try it.

Full Disclosure: my daughter Sarah broke down and made chili last week. Note: there was not a forty-something degree forecast involved. She jumped the gun. It's her favorite food in the whole world. Still...I bet she wishes now she'd saved herself.

If I've told her once, I've told her three times: when you give into temptation, it cheapens the whole experience. I bet her next bowl of chili won't feel quite so special. Kids! Even if they are adults. Who are married. And moved out on their own. They should still listen to their mothers.

Signing off now...your homegirl is enjoying the fireplace in my bedroom, and an extra blanket at the moment, and I've blogs to surf before I sleep...and blogs to surf before I sleep.
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