On Spike TV {My First Art Show Got a Little Crazy}

Have you ever heard of Joey Tattoo?

Me neither, until Saturday, when two very large video cameras, and a mic on the end of a very long stick, and Joey Tattoo and his entourage came to my booth at the art show...

...for a quick interview...

...on television...for TV...

...the "angle" of the show is to be about art and small business.

I'm thinkin' they should let me license my images to them for the purposes of body art.

I'm pretty sure I said something about markets and shows and how, if you are considering doing them, you should shoot yourself in the foot.  Give yourself every excuse not to do it.

Just kidding.  But I feel like I've been whipped like a rented mule, and so does my Preacher.  Art shows are hard work.  If you go to one, please, please, please buy something from each and every artist.

Just sayin'.

My TV interview, and meeting Coretta and her momma from Texas were two of the highlights of the weekend - as well as discovering what an incredible team The Preacher and I make...in every way.  Not just in the church, baby.  Not just...other places.  We make an incredible team/duo of artists.  Dynamic Duo, for sure.

Or something.

And make no mistake - preaching...good preaching...is an art form.  A nearly-lost one.  My Preacher has got it going on, though.  And he is becoming a seasoned photographer, with a discerning eye for composition.

Here's me, in my booth, scratching my nose, I think...

And here's a look at the incredible crowd...tens of thousands...that walked the main street of Acworth, Georgia (juuuust north of Atlanta)...

Incredible fun I had.  (Gosh...I sound like Yoda in Star Wars...."Very tired, I am.")

And that darn Preacher is insisting I get off this computer and come to bed.  Something about him being exhausted from the entire weekend and needing sleep.  He's so demanding.  Cute...but demanding.