Art For Sale {An Original Mixed Media Canvas, Entitled "Achsah"}

(Post-edit: this painting has sold)

I have loved every mixed media girl I have ever painted...truly. But this woman has always had my heart...she is my favorite woman of Scripture.  Her name was Achsah.  She was Caleb's daughter, and this painting was inspired from the verse found in Judges 1:15.

She asked for what she should not have.  She asked for something that was against Jewish law (the law of God!) for any woman to have.

And she got it, baby.  Why?  Love trumps law.  Every time.

There are no words to describe the feeling I had today as I finished see her come out of the Scripture, and out of my imagination, and into the light of day...

I have learned so much from this woman, who is only mentioned in Scripture so very briefly.

 She has taught me, over many years, to ask be fully persuaded of my heavenly Father's love for me, and His willingness to lavish me with gifts I have not earned and do not deserve.

 If any life is a testimony to that truth, it is mine.

 "Achsah" is available for sale. She is a 16x20 mixed media original, rendered in willow stick, vine stick, charcoal, pastel, acrylics, inks and even collage...all on a beautiful, textural background of antique book and hymnal pages - many of which, the words peek through to surprise and bless you.

If she needs to come to your home to bless you...or to the home of a me via email.
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