This Grace Message

I am sitting here, right here, right now, watching it. I had to snap a picture.

And I could not resist pointing out to you...

...she's preaching grace. She's preaching radical grace.

She's preaching the same stuff my Preacher was preaching clear back in 2008 and 2009. The same stuff that some thought scandalous, yet now the message is covering this earth.

Grace has gone mainstream - just like we said it would. No longer regarded a hokey doctrine, espoused only by a few "pastors of small churches", even Beth Moore is publishing and emphasizing the fact that the law has been made obsolete, it is now all about the message of the Finished Work of Christ.

Deal with it.

There is no power over sin like the grace of God...and I quote Beth, "The very thing our mothers would not have wanted us to know, because they were afraid it would give us license to sin, is the very thing we need..."

We are no longer under the supervision of the law, beloved. "You are not under law, but under grace."

Grace and Peace,

Sheila Atchley

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