Wear Your Praise Wednesday {...Wear Your Words - The Printed T-Shirt, 3 Ways...}

Words are my defining passion, my art form...and lately, I find myself wearing them.

As in, it would take you 19 minutes just to read me.

So I wanted to share with you 3 ways you can rock the printed T.

Yes, even in middle age.  I am a grandma.  Fifty is a year and a few away.  And I wear words with impunity.

The first way I want to show you the printed T, is with "joggers".  I thought these were just sweat pants with a band around the ankles, but when I was recently in (of all things) my Lowe's store, I walked past a cute college-age girl with her grandma.

I was wearing these sweat pants joggers, and she, a complete stranger, said to me, "I like your joggers."  Then, as I thanked her and kept walking, I heard her remark, "Grandma, see, those pants are called joggers.  I really like them.  I want a pair."

I think she was hitting grandma up for a trip to Target.

I wear my joggers with the legs pulled up, and my smart phone in the pocket...a fact which annoys me from time to time (slippage and bulk, respectively) but there you have it.

I love this little T - it says, "One Life...and then all of eternity".

It is a cheerful message if you are a Jesus Freak...kind of a buzz kill if you aren't.  But I'm fine with that.

My all-time favorite printed T.  Here, I layer it with a camisole, and pair it with boyfriend jeans and a heeled peep toe (I swear, my fingers just typed "poop toe"...where does that come from?).

This T says, "Mimi's Kitchen - Open Late".  I love it because of the font, the color, and the fact that I am a closet foodie who does not believe in dietary restrictions of any kind.  I even created my own hashtag this year { #mimiskitchen } and I invite you to check it out.

I am an avid cook on some days.  I'm all about whole foods and healthy and cake and bread and stuff and wonderful things.

Here is the same T, dressed for when you go to see that Minion movie this month.  Am I the only one who freezes in movie theaters?  If I were going to the movies, I'd likely trade out that poop peep toe for some Chucks.

That long sweater was another Marshall's score last winter.  I saved it for summer, because, believe it or not, it is the perfect summer layer.  It is whisper-thin, and lengthens and leans out your look like nobody's business.  I wish I had bought one in every color they had.

Next, here is the printed T all dressed up with nowhere to go.

This is a brave look, and not for everyone.  But I've rocked it before...

...and if you don't have a black and white striped skirt yet...well...you don't Pinterest, do you?

{roll up the sleeve on your little T, when you are dressing her up...and put on a statement necklace.}

This one confuses the hound out of everyone I meet.  (That's southern-talk for people don't know what my T-shirt is saying.)


Oh.  Darling.  Let's.  Be.  Adventurers.

Come on, now.  It ain't that hard.  I love this shirt.  I'm determined to wear it every time The Preacher and I go bike riding this summer.

Now - here is the same look, with a denim jacket, for when you are in a freezing cold restaurant:

And by the way.  Denim with black and white stripes?  Getouttahere.  It's perfection.

...that's just me, fooling with the shutter-clicky-thingy.

The things I do for you.

Go forth and wear words.  I don't care how old you are.
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