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I was recently asked to be one of the presenters in the online course "Art of Home || Modern Simple Living". Here is a description of the course:

Art of Home | Modern Simple Living will be about some of the lost arts of caring for our home and family.

Each week will contain step by step videos with decorating, cooking, gardening, entertaining, housekeeping and much more!

The following will be shared:  The Art of Farm to Table, The Art of Gathering, The Art of Domestic Moxie and The Art of Reclaimed Style.

This four week course is your favorite home and cooking magazines come to life!

...and here the trailer for the course:

AoH 01 trailer from Revilo Designs on Vimeo.

Because of a very, very packed schedule in recent days, and an upcoming vacation, today was the only day I had available to shoot my segment (a lesson on home canning).

I couldn't have pulled it off by myself on such short notice.  I knew I had to have professional help. So I called on Sherwood Media and its owner/founder Elisa Trentham.

She flat-out delivered.  Here are a couple of peeks behind-the-scenes:

That's Elisa, you see there in my mirror.  I'm not that skinny.  Hashtag sadbuttrue and when you sign up for this course, you'll see...

...but I'm trying to be okay with that.  "I love how video adds at least 10 pounds to a woman's frame"...

...said no woman in the history of ever.

Titus 2 tells us that the "older women" should teach the younger women - and since my nest is empty, since I've raised and launched four arrows into the world, since I now have 5 grandbabies, since I have lived, breathed, and loved all things home and hospitality for almost 30 years, through thick, thin, lesson plans, phonics, basketball games, graduation,  two Marine boot camps and two Parris Island graduations, heart ache, heartbreak, and every possible scenario...

...since I am, even as I run a creative art business, still a passionate home maker in every sense of the word, I feel kind of qualified to teach.

It's important that you don't just take my word for any of this. Everybody's cooler online.  Ask my husband - ask my daughters - ask my friends how I tend and tenderly love my people and my home, as creatively as I can.  I don't do everything perfectly, but it gets done.

Who says you can only do one thing at a time?  In fact, I feel that running a creative business while still doing my own cleaning, still cooking, still gardening, still practicing hospitality and managing a thriving home - that is part of what allows me to truly own the role of home maker as part of my ministry in my empty nest season.

Because of all the above, and the fact that I'll be fifty next year, I finally feel kind of qualified to teach.  I say "kind of" because I'm an avid student, and plan on learning till I die.  So there's that part of me that is qualified to teach, but there is this huge, huge part of me that just wants to learn all I can.

Speaking of can...(it's a bad segue, but it's all I got).

Would you like to take the mystery out of the canning process?  Because that is my contribution to this course.  I am going to take the angst and the worry out of using an old fashioned pressure canner - no fancy expensive electric one is used.

And I use real tomatoes.

All this, and Jesus too.

No, seriously, I also take a few minutes to share with you my heart behind all this home making.

It's a Titus 2 heart that God put in me at the age of 20, and I still have it today.  I've lived my whole life for one thing:  to be qualified, when the season of "older woman" finally arrived, to share the Gospel with women of all ages.

Join me?

The cost of the entire course is $64.99, and you get lifetime access to four weeks (many, many instructional and inspirational) videos of wisdom and beauty!

Here is the link, where you can sign up:

So do you do any canning?  What do you grow?  What do you can?  We eat all we can, and what we can't eat, we can.

It's a bad joke, but it's all I got.  Cut me some schedule is brutal this week...but after that...'ll be a few blissful days in Margeritaville.  I can hear the waves already...

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