The Women of Advent - My New Book! {...join my launch team?}

I've written my first book.

 It will launch just before Thanksgiving.   I've been hard at work here...

and here...

on this...

It is a book entitled _The Women of Advent || A Gathering of Scattered Hearts, Past and Present_

This is a devotional art art instruction Advent journal...with four weeks of soul-stirring devotional content, meant to inspire you in every way.  I've let a few women whose opinions I value see excerpts and sketches, and they have told me, without fail, that this book engages their heart and their senses and their love for beauty and truth.

And if there ever were two things that should move the human heart, it's truth and beauty.  This book is, I'm told, full of both.

I'm offering a discount and a free gift-with-purchase {a digital print for you to download!} to every person who joins my launch team by pre-ordering this book!  And who knows...I typically come up with little additional surprises for early-adopters.  But the pre-order window will close in a few if you will do me the honor and giddy joy of hurrying here, I will get you fixed up.

Thank you in advance for grace.  I'm self publishing, so I don't have a launch team...or any team. Please allow a week or so for me to get your print to your inbox.  Then, allow a couple of weeks for the physical copies of my book ( makes me so giddy to say it...) to arrive, and I will sign each one, and mail it to you. all who are feeling scattered, as the year 2016 winds to its close, you've come to the right place.  We serve a God who gathers.  He gathers all that has been scattered, turning our fragments into 12 baskets of blessing.  He will do it.

Just for you.

I'm so grateful for your pre-order...I've already opened preorders on Facebook and Instagram, and I've been overwhelmed by the response.  You all are beyond sweet to me.  It makes a difference in mine and the Preacher's every day lives.

And I couldn't have worked harder to bless you, than I have by offering you this.  Thank you for your kindness in believing that it will be worth the wait.

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