Where Do People Come Up With This Stuff??

I bought a book, some years back. The book is entitled,"Family Rituals", and I got it at a discount store for $3. In it, were more than a few "lists" - like startlingly detailed instructions having to do with Feng Shui, and artsy suggestions for the sorts of activities about which no normal family would care. This book was more along the lines of "Leave It to Beaver for the New Age Pantheist Commune."

June Cleaver in embroidered hip huggers and wearing a daisy chain in her hair, making certain her foyer was Feng Shui-ed properly.

The Beav smoking a doobie, listening to...ah...the Doobie Brothers.

Then, there was that Aromatherapy List of Scents, and what each scent supposedly "evokes" in a person's emotions. Reminds me of my blog post, "A New Kind of Legalism". Apparently, there are some serious RULES that apply, if one is to do anything "the natural way".

According to the aromatherapy list, if we are all angry with one another (and just a few nights ago, we were....oh, we were!) someone simply squirts a certain Essential Oil into the air, and everyone feels happy again. Not in my house. When we're arguing, if anyone dared try to splash scented oil on us, or into the air we are breathing, we'd take 'em out at the knees.

We were alternately giggling and rolling our eyes as my youngest, Isaac, read aloud from this list. Then he got to "ginger" - and the chart said "promotes sexual desire".


Josiah yelled in his best hillbilly accent, "Maw, git that book away from hee-yum," (him) "h'it's a-junkin' up his HEAD!!" Then, one of the girls piped up, in mock stricken-sadness, and said "No more ginger snap cookies for daddy..."

I'm surrounded by budding comics. And all the so called "back to nature people" are giving them lots of material.
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