Sunday Afternoon

A Harvest Church covered dish dinner, today - great food, sweet fellowship, and adorable babies.

It was a crowd. I could not believe the line at the food tables!

This is about half the line....and a bunch had already been through.

Our youth pastor and his son...

To know this girl is to love her!

In line for ham, pulled pork BBQ, casseroles, salads, desserts galore...

These sisters take their NFL football sort of seriously.

Harvest men take their yard-football totally seriously. Jeff Kear is in big trouble for ruining an entire outfit this afternoon. Does he care? Nah...

A mother's love. (Our Angel and her son Jordan...)

Our much-loved motorcycling couple (Phillip was the national champion vintage bike racer a few years back!)

The tall guy in the dark sweater and glasses is our very first "home grown" missionary. We will be sending him on his first long-term stint to Cambodia in January. (see

The farmhouse...

goat pen...


beautiful fall colors - one of the many pastoral views on the farm this afternoon.

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