Product Reviews

I tried Crystal Light's lemonade this week, finally.  (I know - everyone but me has tried this product!)  I usually make my own home made lemonade, but decided to try the "Simply" brand ("Simply Orange" and "Simply Lemonade") and the Minute Maid brand, and then lastly, grudgingly tried Crystal Light.  Surprisingly Crystal Light is the best, next to home made.  And if you put some lemon slices in the pitcher, you get really close to home made goodness - and it is sugar free!

This book is fantastic.  Really.  Get it.  Entitled The Gentle Art of Domesticity, by Jane Brocket, this book is just wonderful.  Inspiring.  Simple, and all about the simple things in life.  Her color aesthetic is outstanding, although I could not decorate with the bright hues that Jane does, she really has an eye.  Oh - and her writing is superb.  Finally, a very well written, entertaining tome about All Things Domestic.  Move over, Martha.  Jane writes it better.  And does it herself.

 The Minky brand of retractable clothes line.  We finally put in a new one awhile back, and this thing is the best.  It stretches out a long way - mine is placed right between two trees in my back yard, anchored to first one, then the other, instead of those ugly clothes line poles.  Two trees with the clothes line between them is far, far more pleasing to my eye.  I leave mine up, but it can easily be taken down, and since it is between the trees, no one would ever know it was there.

 Be sure to wrap this end around the cleat at the bottom.  Otherwise, your line will sink, and you won't know why.

Then, anchor it in a tree, up to 40 or 50-some-odd feet away.
I could add another one, anchored to a branch behind this one, and have two going, but since I don't line dry absolutely everything (just most things, these days) this one does just fine.

This is sweet livin'.  There's that antique blue ticking table cloth of mine.  My beloved and best friend (one in the same) spilled a bit of Chardonnay on it last night.  I could have pierced him through, with my laser "angry eyes" on the spot.  But instead, I lept to my feet, found the spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide and some Shout, and treated the stain.  It came right out.

As I was putting the tablecloth in the washing machine, my beloved and best friend said dryly, "You forgot to yell at it."

(You know..."Want a tough stain out?  Shout it out.")

Such a funny guy.

Have a blessed weekend, friends.  God is good, all the time.
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