Met with a friend to pray today...

...made myself a cuppa coffee, and went... further than my own front porch! This friend gives me the sheer gift of coming to my house, but yet not coming to my house. Let me explain: We've never once gone inside, though I wouldn't mind it one bit if we did.

We've prayed in her car and on my porch, and she has never stayed more than a half an hour. We're both busy, and are not trying to get all up in one another's grill and force some sort of intense "BFF" thing.
There's been a few little tears shed - and I'm not against them. Most of them have been mine! But no one is out to vent and emote and drain the other person dry and pretend to call that "prayer"

It has actually just been simple....prayer. Thirty minutes, before the Throne, with someone to agree with me, and I with her. And it is rocking my world. In a good way.

Other than my mentoring/discipleship meetings, this has been the most refreshing thing to hit my agenda!
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