Launch First - Tweak As You Go {...all the most effective people do...}

Well, I heard my son-in-law preach an amazing message on launching out in faith - not duty, not going through the motions - to invest the gifts and finances God has given us, because His heart is to bless and multiply us.

It is with that attitude of heart that I share with you "Episode 1 of Something" very very first "Podcast".

Launch first, tweak as you go.  If I have learned anything in being an artist and a person whose creativity IS her business, I have learned to just do it.  If you wait until it is perfect, you will never do much at all.

So it is in this spirit and this attitude - an attitude of faith and the desire to let God multiply everything I can give to Him - that I finally begin another thing   project   creative that has been on my heart for quite some time.

Thing is...what is there to lose?  Someone, somewhere may think it foolish, but affirming the word I heard today also affirms the young speaker, and affirms me - because if I am not going to do something with what I heard will be the next, best time?

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