Book Review {...and a Vitamix recipe...}

I've been juicing my way through this beautiful book:

...and I thought I'd share a few of my favorites, as time allows.
Each recipe, I have both adapted to the Vitamix (no recipe in this book is "for" the Vitamix - they all have to be adapted) and I have altered almost every recipe just a little, to make it mine - but the inspiration is all here.  From the photographs to the recipes, this is another flawless gem in my kitchen library.

The very first recipe is a cherry-tangarine-green apple concoction.  I prefer tangelos, and to add a tiny knob of ginger.  Here are the ingredients, minus the ginger...someone forgot to add it to the shot:

Throw all this in your Vitamix (I remove the tiny stem from the apple - but that is all.  I do not remove the seeds or core.  Of course, I peel the tangelos...) and add about a cup of filtered water.

This (above) becomes this (below):

And this (above) becomes this (below):

And the tangelo peel (above) becomes this (below):

I threw some broken cinnamon sticks into the simmer pot, and some cloves that had seen better days.  I keep these things in a little zip lock, for just these occasions - otherwise, I'd feel they were out of date, and would throw them away.  I also added a little bit of my coffee grounds from this morning's cup...and a drop or two of vegetable oil to really carry the scent.

Now my house smells like....something out of a beautiful dream.  Now don't get me wrong, I love essential oils...but even they don't come close to getting in the kitchen and making something that smells wonderful, with real ingredients.  You don't always need EO's or candles to scent your home.

Just make breakfast, and don't waste a thing.

After a generous glass of this juice, you will have about this much left over:

(That's kombucha, not hooch, in the back.  Not that I'm opposed to wine...)

Hint:  you can freeze your juice leftovers, if you like.  Or drink it later in the day.  If you drink it later, be prepared to whizz it around in the Vitamix one more time, for about three seconds.  Since you are not using a traditional "juicer", you are actually getting all the fiber in your fruit.  It can settle on the top or bottom, and you'll just need to redistribute.

Let me know if you try it.  Happy juicing - the healthy way.

disclaimer:  I don't do so well with just fruit in the morning - or any time of day, really.  Fruit on an empty stomach doesn't satisfy me, nor does it seem to give me the energy it gives everyone else.  So for breakfast, I add a piece of whole wheat toast with butter.  Perfection, for my body.

And later, I might have a cupcake.  (....not even kidding...)
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