Product Design Love {The Lettermate}

Everyone knows that the hand-written card is making a huge comeback.  (Check out this video clip and article in USA Today.)

In a world where automation is the rule - no longer the exception - we all crave "the human touch".

One area where the human touch has really never gone out of style is the area of personal correspondence.  I'm not talking business correspondence, or mass mail outs - those have their place, to be sure.  I am talking about the sentiment we want to communicate to that one friend (or two), or the shower invitation that goes out to a baker's dozen girlfriends, or even the wedding invitation.

Hand written is the new couture - it just looks so personalized, and it so speaks of great taste.

I have found a product I love so much, I have to share it with you.  It's called the "Lettermate".

First and foremost, how can you not swoon when your order arrives like this:

Here is what's inside:

This appeals to the art-geek inside me.  Like...seriously.

Here is the "Lettermate":

Obviously, it enables you to address your envelope like a boss.  (See first image)  Also, on their website they feature so many creative ideas for envelope garnishing.  If you think you can't get creative addressing an envelope - don't try to make your living in the arts.  You are an accountant or an engineer or a CEO and the world needs you to be you.

I have already ordered a plethora of beautiful stamps - of all denominations.  I will not be limited to a 49 cent stamp.  I have 10 cent stamps and 32 cent stamps and 70 cent stamps, as well as the requisite 49 cent stamp, all on the way, via

The only rule is that my stamps had to be artsy and beautiful and usually botanical.  I love to stuff envelopes with random goodness and stamp accordingly.

By the way, if you need beautiful cards to go with your art-mail, I would be delighted if you checked my shop - here.

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