The Reviews On My Book

The reviews on my first book The Women of Advent || A Gathering of Scattered Hearts, Past and Present are beginning to roll in.

First it was a trickle.  Then a stream.  Now, I wouldn't call it a river, but I am receiving several emails and messages every single day.  Each one is overwhelmingly positive (thank you!), by far the most are from people I have never met,  and each one makes my heart feel just a little more sturdy...

"So this package arrived in the mail the end of a very bad day.....this package was thrown on the end of the breakfast room table on top of my ever glaring reminder of my scattered, weary self...a life undone.  This package was not like...let's say an Amazon package with the clear plastic balloons wedged between  This package had an artistic piece of tape on the outside of the parcel - a touch of personalized, thoughtful adhesive.  I gently opened the outer package and pulled out a wrapped gift - a wrapped gift!!!!! Who orders something and the product comes looking pretty and personalized and as if someone really cares to deliver the best presentation of their inspired work.  The actual care of presentation brought tears to my eyes.  Does that surprise you or make you wonder about my sanity?  Small details matter.  Small details add delight to the whole.  Thank you Sheila.  Thank you for the packaging.  Thank you for this lovely book that will become a yearly advent heirloom.  I started reading last night....never one to wait.  I am amazed and sense a holy hush at the same time.  These words....this book is striking my soul and spirit...I may never meet you this side of eternity but I want to tell you this - your writing, your declaration of God's grace and ability to call women up and out to what God has for them is changing is causing me to look again with fresh eyes at scripture and God's grace and His love for me.  I have so much barren ground but God works best in deserts.....don't you agree?  May God bless you  - your pen and your paper.  Thank you Sheila. "  ~K. Long

My friend-who-I've-never-met...if you read this (I got permission from her to share her review), too, are a writer.  I want you to just visit that thought for a little while. :)

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