My Brand-New Art Course Launches Monday {...a little behind-the-scenes...}

I'm so excited to tell you about my very first, all-my-own art course I have entitled "Let Us Make".

You may view the trailer here

I've written the course description:

An artful, playful exploration of creation, purpose, theology and story, as we rediscover them all in Genesis chapter 1 of the bible. 
This course is built around each of the “6 days of creation”.  We will take one day at a time to make art based on “let there be light” (day 1)…firmament art (day 2)…botanical art (day 3)…moon art (day 4)…birds and fish (day 5)…culminating in day 6, where we create art celebrating a land mammal and, most of all, human beings who are Imago Dei:  made in the image of God.  

Even though we are taking our text from the bible, you do not have to be a Christian to take this course.  This class is for anyone who loves nature, art, and spirituality.  Together we will play with techniques such as abstract flow art, mixed media, collage, botanical art, and expressive portraiture.  We will try our hand at painting things that fly and things that swim, and we will "paint with light" at least two or three different ways.  

If youve ever wished you could have an excuse to make art and spend more time outdoors; if you’ve ever wished you could gain some perspective on your own story, and come to know for sure why you are alive, this is the course for you.  

All these things will be explored through art and scripture, in a safe, nonjudgemental, even playful atmosphere.  I’m excited for you to join me in “Let Us Make”.  

I have stuffed this class with art instruction, Bible study, and encouragement.  There is, all total, about 8 hours of content, all of it either direct art instruction or direct Bible teaching, and the cost is only $48 for lifetime access!

And here is the link to join:  

Now, for a little behind-the-scenes.  This is for those of you who might be curious as to what goes into the making of an online course!  If I can talk you out of it, I will.  Because isn't for the faint of heart. 

For me, the work of creating this course was much like the work I put into creating the various series of messages I bring, when I travel and teach at women's conferences...only, I had to add art to everything, which tripled the workload.  

And then I also had to video tape myself, which was awkward.  

First, I spent weeks and months gathering.  I studied, I read, I prayed.

And then, for this course, I spent months going gray:

(In case you think I'm kidding.)

I would have gone back to my silver hair anyhow, but as fate would have it, the idea to do an art course based on Genesis chapter 1 of the bible came to me back in the summer of 2016.  Which just so happened to be the time I also decided to go cold turkey off of coloring my hair.  Which is another blog post entirely....and it's coming, I promise.

Next, I had to get several headshots, and this is one of the shots that made the cut:

And then, I created a vision board for the course.  I chose a color palette, I chose certain words and phrases that I wanted to flavor and characterize the course, and I chose a wardrobe that stayed in a certain range of colors:

I gathered my own supplies:

And I then created hours...and hours...and hours...of video footage.  I created lecture videos and art instruction videos:

After which, every minute and every second had to be edited.  By yours truly.  Then, 25 videos and about 18 still shots had to be (::cough::) uploaded.

Let's not talk about uploading.  It's still too fresh.  The struggle and pain are real.  And so is the swearing, even though this is a Bible-based course.  #realtalk

Believe it or not, here we are, mere days from launching this special, special course...and I'm ready to do another one.  It is true what they say about childbirth:

You do forget the pain.  

Most of us mommas were crazy enough to have more than one.

I look forward to this new chapter in my midlife career.  I believe with all my heart that God wants to take an army of us 40-somethings and 50-somethings and do brand new things with us, and bless the work of our hands!

Join me?

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