On a Lighter Note...

Thanks for all the recent comments, friends! It makes the discussion so much more...."discussion-ey". At the moment, I am happier than Pooh Bear with a pot of honey. I love yanking a thought out of you!

On that same light note, you'll be jealous of what is coming to me in the mail, any day now. Get a load of this:

What fabulous joy! An adjective dictionary...and not just any ol' adjective dictionary. This one is the highly selective dictionary of GOLDEN adjectives, for the extraordinarily literate. Hallelujah-wahoojah, I get to torment all my gentle readers with a fresh, frothy, garish, and flashy use of juicy descriptives.
I will use adjectives On Purpose. Always a mistake amateur writers make, and I plan to make that mistake at least once before I die. (That mistake, and a few others I shan't elaborate on just yet...it'd make for far too much shock and awe, after those posts on "extremes".)
Stay tuned. It is going to get.....
...oh, heck. I wish I had that dictionary right now.
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