Let My Birthweek Begin!

Gift card for a pedicure...God loves me silly.

Just call me Achsah. It'll make sense when you're finished reading.

Today's my birthday. Actually, its my birthweek, because I don't just have birthdays. God began giving me gracious gifts yesterday...the first one came in the form of a very tender conversation with my precious daughter Sarah. She quietly came into my room, where I was sitting by my little electric fireplace doing my typical Sunday morning Bible reading. What she said to me brought both a smile and a tear. It was bittersweet. She is so not in an easy season of life, but that girl of mine is willing to make the "tough calls" - she steps up to the plate every time, she leads when sometimes no one else will, and she has always ultimately chosen the fear of the Lord.

To have a daughter who will come and sit down and tell her mom, in detail, all that is going on in her heart? I am blessed among women...I do not deserve it, I have not earned it, but God has given me daughters who honor Him.

Then the Lord gave me a word from His Word to me - an intensely private and infinitely valuable word, one that brought me to more grateful tears. I think my make-up stayed on all of five minutes. It was gone BEFORE I even left for church yesterday.

Then, yesterday afternoon, my oldest son got a haircut. Just for his momma. Oh, outrageous joy! I was over the moon...stay tuned, because I intend to post a picture of this man, who with a haircut, is "GQ material" - fer shure.

Then I was lavished with love-gifts at church:

More love-gifts,I tenderly placed where I'd enjoy them every day:

I am now loaded with a personal, private stash of "narcotics for mothers" :

Then I had surf n' turf, cooked for me by friends...I believe I went home a full jeans-size larger. Once home from dinner, I came home to a berry cake made for me by my OTHER daughter, Hannah...she cleaned my bedroom and bath...got me a new book....and then a set of CD's on the life of Ruth Bell Graham.

...and best of all, each of my four children pitched in to get this:

Can you see it, in the back? Yup. A generous gift card to the local spa. Ohhhh, baby. This momma is now officially spoilt plumb rotten. Children, you do this to me every single year. Thank you....you know I adore each of your unique little selves. I love you so stinking much it hurts. Loving you will always hurt me more than it hurts you....HA! I love you with a ferocity that leaves me feeling helpless, and I will love you like this forever. Think about that.

And the day is not over. I have to leave...right now....to have lunch with my mother. My sons are hatching yet more birthday delights for me, to be revealed at some later time today. My husband cryptically keeps saying, "The day's just getting started...this day is far from over!"

So like Achsah...I have decided that "more" is an okay thing to ask for and to enjoy. "Father, you have given me so much. Give me also this other thing my heart asks of You!" This abundant, blessed, "more" kind of birthday is special beyond description.

"More" later...

And it came to pass, when Achsah came to her father...Caleb said unto her, What wilt thou? And she said unto him, Give me a blessing: for thou hast given me a south land; give me also springs of water. And Caleb gave her the upper springs and the nether springs. (Judges 1: 14, 15)
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