What's New and Different These Days... In Pictures

Two generations of married couples...Tim and I on the left, Hannah and Justin, right.

Hannah's old room is now your guest room...when you come stay with us, here is where you'll be. Please pardon my treadmill, but I love having it in front of the window facing our pond!

No longer "the boys' room", now that Josiah has moved out, this is Isaac's room, with new-to-him drums, and TV (for video games only - this TV won't pick up channels.)

Tim got me roses this past week..."just because".

My Mother's Day gift from Tim...an orchid. (Jamie Weeks - how do I keep this beauty alive?)

Just 6 weeks ago, this was a table for 6. Tonight, my heart finally caught up with reality, and I re-set it for 4. Soon, this will be a table for 2.

Snapped just now, in my back yard...

The butterfly garden is beginning to blossom.

Some new additions! (Foxglove)

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