A Typical Day - In Pictures

Actually, this is a typical half-day, in pictures.

Life is sweet these days, albeit busy and noisy. Temperatures here are dipping down into the 40's for the first time since early April...which means we Atchleys make some smokin' chili. We stop eating chili when springs starts, and we don't have it again until the the first evening that forecasted lows are predicted to be in the 40's. Our particular version of chili simmers on the stove even now. What is your family's favorite version of chili? I'm truly interested in hearing it!

Ordinary days are but encores of the miraculous. I can find a thousand things to be thankful for, in one typical, ordinary day. Knowing the grace of God, functioning in the revelation of the gift of righteousness, I cannot help but walk in newness of life!

Bocelli wakes me up, singing...

Coffee, tea, scones, and sausage for breakfast (my favorite meal of the day!)

Classes at home...

A nook, in my kitchen, where I read my cookbooks...

Set out the ingredients to make a home made apple pie...

The "baking drawer"...(that is whole nutmeg, in the little steel "pinch" cup)

Isaac, who is actually a good cook, made the apple pie all by himself!

The pie, assembled and almost ready to bake - waiting for the crumble topping.

Sarah, in her brother's room, getting a drum lesson. Cute!

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