My favorite month of the year is here! It is the one, possibly the only, month of the year where there are no major holidays, no birthdays in the immediate family, no iron-clad obligations. I so savor September.

Football season starts. That, all by itself, is reason to celebrate, if you live in my house. Break out the orange sweatshirts and buy a honking big bag of chips and a gallon of the hottest salsa you can find, baby! Hope springs eternal in the heart of a Volunteer.

Autumn, my favorite season, begins in three weeks. Autumn is my life seems to burgeon inside my heart, blossoming forth into fresh creativity and passion as the leaves turn "lipstick-kissed red". (I will never say that without thinking of my dear New Jersey friend and pastor's wife, Donna-Jean. I stole the phrase from her - she is a fellow writer - and she generously let me have it. I've also borrowed a few great concepts from her amazing character sketches of women in the Scriptures...)

I fell in love with my Tim in the autumn of '85, and married the following autumn. Our Hannah got engaged last autumn. Incredible things always seem to happen to me when days get shorter and trees blaze. It so rocks to be me, in September. And October. And November.

I wondered how I'd feel, this year, as September drew near. Would I feel that old familiar sense of tranquil nostalgia? Would I feel the freshness? After all, the transitions in my life the last four months have been 9.6 on the Richter scale. How quickly can a woman recover her equilibrium?

Pret-ty fast, apparently. The ol' joy tank is full. As August passed languidly along, the living was easy, and I sensed that, not only would I be my usual Serene September Self, I am feeling better than I have in a few years. This soul of mine so boasts in God!

My September began today in a most fitting temps, an adorable and affectionate husband who has lately lost at least fifteen pounds. He caught my eye as he prepared for his work, and I had to put my arms around him, sneaking up from behind, and plant a kiss on his cheek. I love me some Tim. He has the most cheerful compassionate eyes.

I then luxuriated in the gift of several hours alone to myself, since our youngest son spent the day with the youngest son of our dear friends the Medleys - friends who are also in full time ministry.

The dinner table was full this evening, all four children plus a boyfriend gathered around the table! (The only one missing was son-in-love Justin...we won't see as much of him until he obtains his Master's degree. He's always either at work or in class. ) See what I mean? The whole family, having dinner together, is beyond rare, now that two of my four children are on their own. There is only one explanation: September Sweetness.

God made September just for me, maybe. Let's dance!
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