An (Almost) Wordless Saturday

Number Twenty-four is our "baby". To everyone else, he looks like just another high school senior playing basketball, I'm sure.

But his dad and I know what it took for him to wear the Ambassador uniform. He almost didn't. He almost threw it all away. We know this for sure: Prodigals come home by grace alone. The law doesn't welcome weary, sick rebels back - just ask that elder brother. Elder brothers see returning prodigals as being Damaged Goods, and they regard the welcoming father as being foolish and gullible.

We literally put steaks on the grill ("killing our fatted calf") this past summer. And that uniform you see in the above picture? Well, that is his "robe".

We have no idea what the next chapter will hold, in this our personal parable of the Gospel, but we are certain of one thing - the love of God is better than we know, and the grace of God is more than we've experienced.

For now, on this night, she who sowed in tears has reaped in joy.
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