Happy Anniversary, Timothy!

The love of my life, at his desk. I snapped this picture just now, so you can see what I see. Cute, cute, cute!

I was shopping the other day, thinking about my man and our upcoming anniversary, and heard an old 80's Styx song...

The headlines read
These are the worst of times
I do believe it's true
I feel so helpless
Like a boat against the tide
I wish the summer wind
Could bring back Paradise

But I know
If the world turned upside down
Baby, I know
You'd always be around
My my

The best of times
Are when I'm alone with you
Some rain, some shine
We'll make this a world for two

When I'm alone with you
Everything's alright
When I'm alone with you
You brighten up the night
When I'm alone with you

That song's been stuck in my head ever since. Never, in my lifetime, have there been such doom and gloom prophecies from the likes of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and preachers and Bible teachers. And I probably agree with them. Our world is in a very precarious place.

But I have the rare luxury of knowing that if it all came crashing down tomorrow, the man I am married to is resourceful, hard working, and most of all, he loves me with fierce passion. Not only that, but he's just easy to be with.

We prefer each other's company. When you have that going for you, nothing seems quite so dire or scary. I'm blessed - God has poured out rich grace upon us.

Happy Anniversary, Papaw! Happy Anniversary, love of my life! Together, I have the mental image of us turning our sails to catch the wind, and those sails billow, taut and strong, as our boat picks up speed and we head straight into the next 24 years, where things get better and better.

"Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be, the last of life for which the first was made..."

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