Megan and Gabbi Grace's Baby Shower - and the significance of the number four

Here are our FOUR expectant mommies...from left to right, you see our youth pastor's wife Kelly (she is hatching Jeremiah), you see the Queen of the day's festivities Megan (she is hatching Gabriella Grace), my sweet almost-forty friend Wendy (who is hatching Ethan) and my daughter Hannah (who will give birth to Timothy Paul any day now!)

Our Megs, feeding Gabbi Grace. (By the way, that is my mom in the background, to the left...isn't she incredibly young looking?)

I couldn't resist snapping a shot of Megan's decorating style (the shower was held in her home)

Isn't this the prettiest cake set-up you ever saw?

Piles of presents.

Interestingly, Harvest Church is expecting four babies. My dear friend Wendy is turning four-ty (forty), and expecting her fourth. I just turned 44, and have been married 24 years today. (Another post forthcoming...I rarely post twice in one day...)

In Biblical numerology (as opposed to occult numerology, the demonic counterfiet to the God Who Created Meaningful Numbers), the number 4 means...are you ready for this?

....Creation! God set four into His creation (the directions N, S, E and W, the elements of earth, wind, fire, water, the four seasons, etc. etc. there is more, but you don't want me typing out the entire Biblical commentary...)

I didn't know that, when I declared my word for 2010 - "Create". Before I researched the significance of the number four, I heard the Lord, in my prayer time, saying to me, "I am going to hover over you, by my Spirit, and you will be doubly creative."

44 years old. 4 babies coming to our church. 4, 4, 4 popping up everywhere.

Very exciting.

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