I Now Present to You - Mr. and Mrs. Jin Park

::happy sigh::

It was a lovely wedding. The wedding itself was held at the bride and groom's church...a beautiful venue, beautiful saints...but I gotta say...

...Harvest Church, you rock. You did it AGAIN. Your hard work behind the scenes has pulled off yet another once-in-a-lifetime event for a young bride, and you helped make her special day magical...from directing the whole event, to photography, from decorating the entire huuuuuuge ceremony and reception space, to food, from serving the food to cleaning up afterward...Harvest Church members embodied servant-leadership. I know Emily's parents (who are part of Harvest Church) are blessed and proud to be connected with such a giving, loving church family.

I so love my church. I am so very proud of my Harvest family.

Congratulations, Jin and Emily. Thanks for allowing Tim and I to be a part of your lives, past, present, and future.
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