Look at how utterly, heart-squeezingly adorable. My little Aidyn Esther.

It rocks to be a grand mommy. It rocks to be me.

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Working ideas out in the art journal first. My favorites...the ones I'm really feelin'...will be done again on canvas.

I am feelin' today's results. This will definitely become a rather large canvas.

It says, "Strength and honor are her clothing, and she shall rejoice in time to come..."

I preach the Good News to myself, through my painting.


Preparing to serve dinner to 13 people...leaders representing three churches.

Many thanks to my two daughters for beautifying our huge outdoor dining space...

It isn't 4th of July, I know, but this is the only bolt of fabric I have that is large enough. I love it.

...the fire is laid in the brick fire pit...

The guest room is fluffed and ready for our dear Pete Beck. God is so very good.

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Soft breezes...waxing sunlight, diffused by clouds and soft coffee..."October's meditative haze"...peace and plump fruitfulness...Bible reading...prayer...feeling nested.

My very heart nested this morning.

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Studio Addition

This evening, as I was working on a huge painting (the biggest one yet) The Preacher noticed that several inches of my canvas was hanging over the edge of my table...the piece covered my entire table, and then some.

And now, just a couple of hours later, I have a new, bigger top, firmly attached to the old tabletop...

...and painted with black chalkboard paint!

Love it! Not only is the tabletop able to accommodate the large canvas I was working on, but I have extra inches to sit my tubes of paint, the bowl I use for matte medium, and my jars of brushes and water.

Fun stuff.

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