The Fruit of the Womb is His Reward...

This is what happens when you find out you are going to be a grandmommy: your friends send flowers and give you presents.

I know it is early...but story books are most important, you see.

I've been waiting to tell you. Bustin' to tell you.

Two of my best friends are daughter Hannah, which you already know....

....and Wendy Cantrell, over at Hope Springs!

Here's the jump-up-and-down, squeal till I'm breathless thing: My Wendy is...well, she's almost my age. She isn't forty...she is a late thirty-something, but she'll see forty way before I see fifty. Put it that way.
And her Doug is my Tim's age. Doug and Tim get to be new daddy and new grand-daddy together. Isn't that pre-shus??

Wendy babysat Hannah when she was a baby. Wendy and I lingered over the thought that she never, not in a million years, when she fed Hannah in her high chair...that she and that baby would one day be pregnant together.

Two of my best friends. My confidantes. Right arms, these girls are.

Wendy doesn't know this, but when I heard, I did the same thing she did. I laughed, and then I cried. Then I laughed. I did a whole lot more laughing. It was the sort of laughter that rolls up from a girl's innermost being.

God is saying something profound to my heart and to my church.

Relationships are worth the work it takes to preserve continuity. I cannot run after anyone determined to leave me, because there are far too many others still with me who do love and need me. The other gal would have to be the one to leave. I would not sacrifice continuity for any difference of opinion, no offense could make me leave, no personality clash is worth jeopardizing these life-long friendships. This....oh, this! is generational blessing.

If bliss could kill, I'd be dead.

Two babies - who will be born within days of each other. A grand baby, and another "adopted" niece or nephew. May they grow up dwelling in the land - pitching their permanent living quarters, cultivating the same faithful continuity of friendship with their God and their family and their friends that their parents and grand parents have cultivated.

I can testify: Verily, they shall be fed.
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