The answer to the empty nest, is to REnest. I am earnestly and blissfully renesting...

...but no pictures till I am done. There will be a "big reveal", once I manage to finish this mammoth project of repainting my entire dining room and kitchen - cabinets and all! Hint: think totally different. A complete change.

Kind of goes with my new season of life, don't you think? So far, I am llllllloving it. But no pictures. Yet.

Before ~

Primering red walls is a chore! Loved this red, in its season. It served its purposes well, and made my heart happy. But like most creative souls, I am in a "new phase", color-wise. Important! Give yourself permission to move on to the next level. Your "eye" changes with the years, your taste refines itself, in want to try new things. Do it!

Ya'll come on over when it is finished, and see the big change!
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