Manifold Grace, Abundant Grace...

Look what I bought yesterday!

I can't wait till Monday to make my special announcement...

I am going to be a grandmommy!

Yes. Me.

Hannah and Justin, married last May, are "with child" by their first wedding anniversary. They are ecstatic.

Their dad and I are over the moon. What is the deal with this release of incredible, undeserved blessing in our lives? One thing after another after another, and just when I think it can't get any better...

...I find out I am going to be a grandmommy.

When I told the church family about it this morning, I laid flat-out on the floor! No kidding. I just laid down, on my back, and then said it: "I am going to be a grandmommy!" After all, if bliss could kill, I'd be dead-on-the-floor. There was simply no other way to convey the utter joy.

Harvest Church responded like they always do, for every special, amazing church-family announcement.

They went crazy.

"Grow old along with me", dear friends, "the best is yet to be - the last of life for which the first was made..."

If you only knew the emotional state of my heart a little over a year ago, you would be astounded at what God has done. I thought I understood grace...and I did. But I had yet to apply my theology to my biography.

The moment I acknowledged my need to have the foundations of my life rebuilt, God met me and began a deep work. Then, in recent weeks and months, I have entered a season of blessing and harvest unlike any I've ever known - rich in some ways money can buy, and rich in every conceivable way money cannot buy.

Perfect love does not come until the first grandchild.
~Welsh Proverb
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