The Coin Purse Makes a Comeback

When I was a little girl, I remember carrying a few little coin purses...I'd always lose them, but I distinctly recall a few. One was a thick, hollow, rubbery-plastic disc, yellow, with a slit in the middle - with a smiley face on it. If you squeezed it just right, the slit would open, and you could get to your coins inside.

I also remember other childhood coin purse designs, one was a leather fish, and its mouth was the clasp. I remember loving that one...I seem to remember that it was green.

Still another, my mother bought for me in a desperate attempt to keep me from continually losing my coin purses - it was a beaded little thing, with a long neck chain. I wore it around my neck for half of fourth grade. I kept that purse the longest before losing it.

But nothing tops this:

This yellow leather rose is a coin purse I bought awhile back. I hooked it onto the outside of my gunmetal colored purse.

I have lost count of the compliments from total strangers I have received on this little coin purse. Seriously. I have even had a couple of different women follow me, tracking me down, to get my attention so that they could ask, "Did that come with your purse? Where did you get it?"

Next time I don't feel like rocking the big gunmetal Michael Kors all day, I will be tucking my driver's license and debit card in my coin purse, and clipping it to the belt loop of my favorite jeans. How cute will that be? I'll be so fierce, I will wish I could stare at myself.

Methinks coin purses are making a comeback.

Methinks I won't be losing this one.

(Psssssst! Stay tuned....soon, I will be hosting a giveaway. A coin purse. Exactly like mine. Only pink. I went back out and grabbed the last one....just for a cherished reader...maybe you!)
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